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Speciality Products Catalogue

Catalogue  |  2014-12

Barden Super Precision Ball Bearings - Speciality Products

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Barden's essential reference guide to super precision bearings now available

Super precision ball bearings manufacturer The Barden Corporation, has published a new fully revised and redesigned product catalogue, which not only includes the company's complete range of standard bearings, but also updated 'Special Applications' and 'Engineering' sections. The catalogue is user-friendly and is an essential reference guide for design engineers, OEMs and end users.
The new 142-page catalogue is one of the most comprehensive of its type. The publication includes highly detailed information on Barden's angular contact and deep groove type ball bearings. Product data tables are included for deep groove instrument bearings; deep groove flanged; deep groove thin section, deep groove spindle and turbine bearings; and angular contact ball bearings. This provides design engineers with extensive technical information on Barden's products and the company's engineering capabilities.
Speciality Products Catalogue
More than 20 pages of the catalogue are devoted to the 'Special Applications' section, which contains sub-sections on bearings for vacuum pumps; emergency touchdown (auxiliary bearings); medical and dental handpiece bearings; aviation & defence (for auxiliary equipment, instrumentation & sensors, and actuation systems); canning; nuclear power; emerging automotive technologies; and thrust washers.
The 'Engineering' section sets this catalogue apart from other publications of this type. It is divided into three, fully inclusive sub-sections: bearing selection, performance and application.
Bearing Selection includes information on operating conditions; sizes and materials; ball and ring materials; ceramic hybrid bearings; surface engineering technologies; solid lubrication; bearing cages and closures; speeds; internal design perameters; ball complement; raceway curvature; radial internal clearance; contact angles; axial play; preloading; as well as tolerance tables and geometrical accuracies.
Bearing Performance includes information on bearing life; service life; capacity; fatique life; grease life; vibration; yield stifness; torque; and measurement & testing.
Bearing Application includes information on mounting & fitting; shaft & housing fits; fitting practice & notes; shaft & housing size determination; maximum fillet radii; shaft & housing shoulder diameters; abutment tables; random & selective fitting; calibration; maintaining bearing cleanliness; and bearing handling guidelines.
To download a pdf of the new catalogue, click here

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