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Bearing Selection

Selection of a suitable standard bearing - or the decision to use a non-standard bearing - must take performance requirements and operating limitations into consideration. This may involve conflicts which must be resolved to reach a practical solution. Each performance requirement, such as speed, torque or load rating, usually generates its own specifications which can be compared with available bearing characteristics. If a standard bearing does not meet the requirements, a design compromise will be necessary in either the assembly or the bearing. At this point, the creation of a special bearing should be explored.

Among the most important application considerations which need to be evaluated are speed and load conditions. Specific bearing design choices should be based on anticipated operating conditions. Design choices include:

Bearing Type

Barden precision bearings are available in two basic design configurations: deep groove and angular contact. Selection between these configurations primarily depends on application characteristics such as:

Bearing Size

Barden bearings are sized in both inch and metric dimensions and overall, bearings can range from 4mm (0.16") to 180mm (approx 7") OD. Criteria influencing size selection includes:

Ball and Ring Materials

Selection of a material for bearing rings and balls is strongly influenced by availability. Standard bearing materials have been established and are the most likely to be available without delay. For special materials, availability should be determined and these additional factors considered during the selection process:

For all ball and ring materials, Barden has established specifications which meet or exceed industry standards. Before any material is used in production, mill samples are analysed and approved. The four predominant ring materials used by Barden are AISI 440C, SAE 52100, AISI M50 and Cronidur 30®. Ceramic balls can also be used as an alternative to traditional steel balls as part of a hybrid bearing.

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