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Schaeffler Brasil Ltda.   ·   Sorocaba  ·  Brazil  ·  South America

SA1 Av. Independência, 3500-A
Bairro Éden,
18087-101 Sorocaba
SP, Brazil
Tel. +55 15 3335-1422
Tel. 0800 11 10 29
Fax +55 15 33 35 19 60
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Solutions for engines, transmissions and chassis, manufacturing of switchable bucket tappets, rocker arms, hydraulic chain tensioners, pulleys, variable cam timers, variable valve train systems, clutches, dual-mass flywheels, CVT transmission components, internal gearshift systems, universal joints, plain bearings, rolling bearings (ball, needle, tapered, wheel, suspension, sprag, water pump, among others), as well as components for the heavy industry, railway, consumer products and aerospace sectors.