About Barden


Barden operates from a purpose-built facility in Plymouth on the South West Coast of the UK. Continual investment into state-of-the-art production technology make it one of the finest facilities of its kind in the world. Recent enhancements to the manufacturing equipment at Barden has supported the introduction of new bearing types - including cylindrical roller bearings - and has also increased the company's capacity for small batch production. 

A number of different cells are in operation at Barden, each dedicated to serving a specific part of the super precision market. The facility also boasts some  1700 sqm of dedicated cleanroom facilities (ISO 14644-1 standard), available for contamination free assembly and inspection. The two Small Factory Units (SFU's) at Barden between them cover the specialist product lines of:

In addition to this, more than 50% of production is devoted to special bearings, many of which offer added value by higher-level integration - the means to reduce the number of adjacent component parts, thereby optimising both cost and technical advantage.

Such innovations are orchestrated by a highly experienced and knowledgeable engineering team who, assisted by some of the most technologically advanced software available, can help create the 'perfect-fit' solution for every application. To read more about Barden's engineering capability, click here.

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