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Custom designed and manufactured aerospace bearings are the cornerstone of the Barden product line. Aerospace bearings can be manufactured to ABEC 7/9 (ISO P4/P2) and fully certified, so quality and product precision is ensured throughout the product range.

Barden has supplied bearings for applications in pneumatic and electric starters and generators, gearboxes, main engines and a variety of auxiliary aircraft positions. Barden aerospace bearings are capable of high speed, reliable operation and running quietly with minimum power losses, making them well suited to applications in this sector.

Bearing configurations range from standard deep groove bearings to intricate split inner ring designs. This split ring configuration can accept reverse thrust and combination loads. These bearings are assembled with one piece high strength cages that are often silver plated for improved operation under marginal lubrication conditions. Rings are typically manufactured from high temperature, high strength steels such as M50 and Cronidur 30. As in other applications, all configurations for aerospace bearings can include puller grooves, bore clips, flanges and ceramic balls for higher speed operation.

Other typical aerospace bearing configurations include sealed deep groove bearings which are greased and sealed for life under cleanroom conditions. The standard high temperature seal material is Viton, which is not generally reactive with the chemicals often present in aerospace environments. Barden Flexeals are also available when higher operating speeds are required and Cronidur 30 rings and ceramic balls are often recommended to provide corrosion protection for ball bearings operating in harsh environments.

Gyro bearings

Increased performance requirements of gyros in terms of drift rate, life and size have created a demand for ball bearings produced to carefully controlled tolerances of less than half a micron. Barden bearings offer this accuracy plus close control of contact surface geometry and finish, cleanliness and ball retainer oil impregnation, resulting in:

  • Decreased vibration levels
  • Longer useful life with fewer lubrication failures 
  • Greater stability of preload
  • Reduced mass shift due to wear
  • Greater performance uniformity from unit to unit

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