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X-Ray Bearings

With the emphasis on improved patient care resulting from faster data acquisition and high-resolution imagery, the superior engineering that goes into the design and production of Barden bearings makes them an obvious choice for advanced X-ray and medical scanner applications.

The bearings, typically used to support the spinning X-ray anode, operate at speeds of up to 13,000 rpm under extremely harsh conditions. In addition to withstanding the passage of high voltage, the bearing must also operate in a vacuum environment down to 10-8 torr and at temperatures of 400 - 500˚C.

They are full complement bearing designs, incorporating a flanged shaft with integral races to which the target anode is attached. A separate flange made of lower thermal conductivity material can be welded to the shaft in order to reduce heat transfer from the anode. The bearings are built with controlled axial clearance in order to compensate for thermal growth at the operating temperature. Conventional outer rings are separated by spacers with either solid or spring preloading designed to meet specific application requirements.

Barden utilises advanced surface engineering technologies such as plasma and ion-beam assisted deposition to provide effective lubrication. With this application in mind, development of a range of advanced solid lubricants 2,000 times thinner than the human hair is in progress.

X-Ray Bearings

Barden also has a dedicated in-house testing facility to enable the evaluation and performance verification of its X-ray tube bearing designs under simulated thermal-vacuum test conditions.

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