In addition to meeting the needs of traditional markets, We have been called upon to design Barden bearings for many specialist applications, including space systems, energy production and the nuclear industry.

In these types of application, Barden engineers work closely with customers to develop unique bearing designs with specialised features to meet application requirements and solve functional problems. In many instances the overall cost of a piece of equipment can be reduced by incorporating special or customised bearings. 

Performance and installation benefits include improved assembly reliability, enhanced system rigidity, reduced handling operations and contamination, improved alignment of the rotating assembly, reduced weight and improved resistance to temperature extremes. 

The result is the maximum performance and highest reliability from the smallest design envelope.

Nuclear Bearings

Nuclear bearings are used in the linear actuation system which position the control rods into the fuel bundle. In an emergency situation, the control rods are dropped into the fuel bundle to absorb the reactor heat, which dictates that the bearings must not, under any circumstances, fail. Such bearings are manufactured and controlled under the strict aerospace procedures which Barden employs, providing full traceability, controlled lubrication processes and complete retention of records.

Drill Head Bearings

The harsh environment where drill heads are used is the ideal environment for Barden bearings, which are utilised on the drill shafts within the head. Extremes of vibration, temperature and corrosive conditions are all found in the oil and gas exploration industry. We tackle these concerns with Barden hybrid bearings - steel rings with ceramic balls which allow a longer equipment life, increased reliability and faster speeds. Bearings are manufactured from AMS5898, an advanced material offering increased corrosion resistance and a greater fatigue life.

Autosport Bearings

Autosport teams require a combination of robustness and reliability in order to succeed. Barden has engineered a range of extreme high-performance bearings for critical applications such as clutch release, gearboxes, wheels and suspension.

Clutch Release

In this area, the trend is to develop smaller, more efficient clutch systems, offering optimum performance with reduced mass. In response, Barden has introduced a range of new clutch release bearing designs incorporating special features such as integral metal shields, labyrinth architectures and high temperature bespoke lubricants.


Barden offers a range of drop link suspension units and bearing systems for control and steering operations. These utilise high precision rolling elements which offer low friction and high reliability. Available as a family, the units are fully interchangeable with standard sizes.


Precision wheel bearings are designed to accommodate the excessive radial and moment loading experienced during high-speed cornering. Available as duplex-paired angular contact, the bearings also offer the benefit of reduced mass compared to other, more traditional systems.

Turbochargers for Performance Vehicles

Increasing demand for compact, high efficiency performance vehicles has prompted Barden to introduce a range of incredibly precise bearings for turbochargers and superchargers. Used in this application, Barden ball bearing supported turbochargers and superchargers extract maximum power and driveability with design synergies that virtually eliminate turbo lag and compressor whine. Reduced compressor clearance, lower rotating inertia and maximum speeds can be acheived.